“Celtic Woman” and economic development

Well known for their music concerts on PBS and in mega-venues around the world, the singing group Celtic Woman has dazzled audiences with their mixture of pop and traditional Irish music. Lisa Kelly was one of those Celtic Women for seven years.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — what does this have to do with Fayette County, Peachtree City or economic development? A lot. Two years ago, Kelly and her husband, Australian dancer Scott Porter, decided to leave Manhattan. They were looking for a place to raise their sons. They found Peachtree City, telling local paper Today in Peachtree City that “Peachtree City just kept coming up as one of the best places.”

And now they are setting down roots even further with the planned opening in February of the Lisa Kelly Voice Academy in Peachtree City. Again, the paper reported, “[Lisa Kelly] said the idea of a voice academy came to her after her husband was offered a job in another part of the country and they just didn’t want to move.”

So how does this relate to economic development? Here is a couple that between them, have literally lived around the world, from Ireland and Australia to New York and they’ve both toured to innumerable cities. They could have lived anywhere, yet they searched and chose to locate to Peachtree City and Fayette County. The high quality of life, the excellent education system, the access to culture and community are all aspects that drew them here.

If this amazing and artistic couple can move here and locate a business here, why can’t you?

For more information on the Lisa Kelly Voice Academy, visit their website at:www.TheLisaKellyVoiceAcademy.com


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